ADHD Shared Care Arrangements

Shared care agreements need to be in place for a GP to prescribe medication and require both the specialist and the GP to sign. Patients with a shared care agreement in place from a different area of the UK will need a new shared care agreement with the local ADHD clinic. If patients are seen as NHS patients by a private provider, there needs to be a shared care agreement in place before the GP can take over prescribing.

Patients who are from outside the UK will need to obtain their medication from their own specialist. If they require NHS prescriptions then this will require a referral to an NHS ADHD clinic and a shared care agreement to be in place before the GP can prescribe. 

The shared care agreement will require you to continue to be reviewed, at intervals, by your ADHD clinic. Any adjustments or changes to your ADHD medications will be made by your ADHD clinic, and not by your GP. If you do not continue to have reviews by your ADHD clinic then the shared care agreement will no longer be valid and we will not be able to continue to prescribe ADHD medication for you.