Managing your health online

Using eConsult

There are many things you can do online at our surgery. Some tasks you can do using a website called eConsult where you can:

  • request a sick note
  • ask about test results
  • contact us about an admin request

You don’t need an account to use this website.


Contact Us Online

Using your NHS account or Patient Access

There are other tasks you can do online, like:

  • order repeat prescriptions
  • view your test results
  • see parts of your health record
  • check or cancel appointments
  • see your vaccination record

For these, you can use your NHS account or Patient Access. You can access them using their websites or apps.

Setting up an NHS account

To set up your NHS account for the first time, you will need to set up an NHS login. Read about how to set up NHS login (

Once you have set up your NHS login, you can log in to your NHS account or download the NHS App onto your phone.

Setting up Patient Access

To set up Patient Access for the first time:

  • visit the surgery with photo ID so we can confirm your identity
  • we will give you a username and password
  • go to Patient Access or use the app to register

You will need to register for this service even if you are already registered to make appointments and order prescriptions.

Patient information leaflet - Please ensure you read this before you apply for Medical Record Access.

Download the Patient Access registration form which you will need to complete and return to reception along with TWO pieces of ID, one piece of photographic identification and one recent non photographic correspondence (e.g. bank statement etc, please note, we are unable to accept utility bills) to complete the registration process.
Patient Access Terms and Conditions

Before you begin to use Patient Access, we would appreciate it if you could read the following terms and conditions.

Your Responsibility

The practice will take every measure to ensure that your Patient Access application is secure. It is your responsibility to ensure that your Patient Access account remains this way.
You are able to terminate or reset your account at any time by contacting the practice in writing. You may wish to do this if you think someone else knows your login details or if you have shared details with a family member or partner and no longer wish for them to know the details.

The University Medical Group reserves the rights to remove Patient Access from any patient without notice. This will in no way affect your registration at this practice.

Please note that the practice does not manage the Patient Access website and therefore cannot provide help with using the website. Help screens are provided on the website.

Inappropriate Use

We monitor the use of this service and we are sure that you will find it useful. However, if we find any abuse of this service, we will revoke your access to the service.